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I'm sure you've scanned down ahead of this already to see, but I just wanted to quickly thank you for voting. It's a fairly simple thing for you to do - click a link - but as you know if you've ever asked a listener for feedback on a your podcast, it can be demoralizing if you get nothing in response.

So thanks!

Castaways - A Community for Podcasters permalink

(tagline still to be determined)

Castaways is the name that got the most votes from your voting as well as the Twitter poll I conducted.

Once the name was decided, I then spent awhile deciding on a domain to register. Thanks to Andrew Clews on the most recent episode of Show Me Your Mic for the push to just register something - we're all just going to be clicking on it anyway, right?

So I'd invite you to check out Castaways.Club!

(p.s. You don't need to sign up for the mailing list. Since you're getting this email, you're already on that list.)

Current Castaways logo

In the interest of getting a minimum viable product out there, we'll go with something generated algorithmically (thanks Launchaco!)

I was going for the "we're all stuck on an island trying to podcast our way off of it but it's also kind of a nice island to be stuck on while podcasting" vibe. 👍🏽 or 👎🏽?

Either way, we'll stick with it until we can pay to get a real designer around to help out.

Speaking of money! If you're like my dad, you're probably wondering how much all of this is going to cost you to join?

Well if you'd like to follow along, you can check out the expenses spreadsheet here and find out what I'm paying to run the club. Once I've got the costs figured out, I can work backwards (or is it forwards?) from there to figure out what to charge.

(For the record, my goal is for it to be ~$5/month for initial folks who join in early beta and then likely rise to $10/month at some point. I had the idea of increasing the cost every 3 months or each year like did initially. But we'll cross that bridge once we're ready to actually invite other folks in.)

I'm going to keep the rest of the email more or less the same each time so that everyone can see and be reminded of what I'm hoping this podcasting community can become:

  • A virtual coffee shop to talk with other podcasters at various stages of their hobby/career in podcasting.
  • A safe place to throw out ideas, rough drafts, weird experiments, or be vulnerable about frustrations and hurts along the road and receive encouragement, feedback, and possibly partners to try things with.
  • Where you'll get the push and motivation to not only start a podcast, but also to keep it going when you feel like nobody else is paying attention.
  • It won't be free to join. There needs to be some cost to signing up to prevent leeches from abusing the community.

In the next email, I'll talk about what apps/tools I plan to use to connect us all in a more tangible way.

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Thanks again for reading and following along! Chris Enns