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If you just want to know if the Patreon campaign is live or not, I won't make you scroll to the bottom to find out: it's live!

Full URL for sharing:

Scroll on if you're still here to read a bit more before checking out the Patreon page.

How Long... to Sing This Song (aka waiting for a podcast to get approved?) permalink

(Sorry... had to slip a bad U2 pun in there.)

I've had everything in place for about a week now but silly me - I waited until the last moment to submit the Castaway Club podcast to Apple Podcasts! And then for some reason, it took them almost a week to approve it.

Rookie mistake!

Wait? There's a Podcast? permalink

Yes of course! You can go subscribe to the podcast in your fav app by checking out the subscribe page here:

There's currently two episodes available for you to listen to:

In particular, episode 2 goes into a bit of detail about what the podcast is for and how I hope to use it as part of the community building effort with Castaways Club.

It's Jon Hamm approved.

Back to the Membership Campaign permalink

First - check it out here at

You'll notice that there's a "Founding Member" option for the first 20 people to sign up priced at $7/month vs the regular monthly pricing of $10/month.

I set it up this way both to reward early adopters who want to sign up but also because the folks who sign up first are going to help do a bit more work as we figure out how Castaways Club is going to function.

When you sign up you should get notified of details on how to join the Discord as well as the forum - but if all the hooks and gizmos don't connect properly, please get in touch with me! Depending on the time of day I may not respond instantly - but I will get you connected and into the forums/Discord!

I can't wait to see you all on the inside!

Monthly Sponsors permalink

I've also added an option on the Patreon campaign for up to 4 monthly sponsor slots for Castaways Club. If you're aware of a business or service that would benefit from helping support the podcasting community while also doing a bit of advertising, this is for them.

Companies won't have access to spam the forum or Discord with messaging. Just a link on this site, a couple of tweets, and a post by me in the forum/Discord each week thanking them for their support.

Hit reply right now and let me know your thoughts or feel free to send me a tweet if you're interested in sponsoring Castaways Club.

I'm going to keep the rest of the email more or less the same each time so that everyone can see and be reminded of what I'm hoping this podcasting community can become:

  • A virtual coffee shop to talk with other podcasters at various stages of their hobby/career in podcasting.
  • A safe place to throw out ideas, rough drafts, weird experiments, or be vulnerable about frustrations and hurts along the road and receive encouragement, feedback, and possibly partners to try things with.
  • Where you'll get the push and motivation to not only start a podcast, but also to keep it going when you feel like nobody else is paying attention.
  • It won't be free to join. There needs to be some cost to signing up to prevent leeches from abusing the community.

In the next email, I'll talk about the actual fee we'll be charging for membership to cover the costs of running this thing successfully.

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