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This summer I started to feel that burn out feeling. Maybe not burnt out exactly. More like it was getting warm and I was going to be burnt if I didn't do something?

(Apologies if you're now picturing me roasting in an oven!)

One struggle I've had since the launch of Castaways Club is how it spread myself even further. Managing 3 Patreon campaigns, plus my actual business that puts food on the table became a bit too much. So I started to think about ways to consolidate without sacrificing the quality of the experience.

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Around the same time, I was in conversation with Kyle Roderick, my partner at, about what we wanted to do with the podcast network we were running. I threw out the idea of bringing the Castaways Club into the same Discourse chat and Patreon as a way of bringing podcast listeners and podcast creators into one house - with different rooms for conversations of course. There was already some overlap in membership and support of both Patreon campaigns. He added on the idea of a podcasting co-op where Castaways Club members could eventually have their show hosted on Goodstuff - more on that at another time.

I loved the idea!

I pitched a variation on the move to Castaways Club members and they're gave it a favorable review and so here we are! The Castaways Club Patreon campaign will be paused at the end of October, 2019, and current members will be encouraged to go join the Goodstuff Patreon Campaign.

Goodstuff Patreon Campaign offer

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The way it works on our Patreon now is that you can support Goodstuff & the podcasts the same way you always have with $5 or $8/month options which gets you access to our private Discord server for chat + our private Minecraft server for blocks of gaming fun.

Castaways Club is now an extra perk level you can choose to support at $10 a month to get access to the special Castaways Club channels inside the Goodstuff Discord server, access to the Minecraft server, plus access to the Castways Club forum for longer conversations, and searchable archives of advice, tips, and tricks from other Castaway Club members.

Whew! That's enough web and admin work. Let's get back to podcasting and talking about podcasting already!

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Oh I almost forgot. We've got a new website you can check out (if you're not already reading this on the website) over at Castaways.Club. It won't look a lot different but for any web dev nerds out there, I switched from using Gatsby to Eleventy - while still hosting it all on Netlify. No real reason other than the Gatsby version kept spitting out errors for no apparent reason and I wanted an excuse to try out Eleventy. Tada!

Come join us in Castaways Club today!

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