It's so easy to name things when there's nobody else to tell you it's a stupid name...

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Back when I used to work a real job with coworkers (and a benefits plan!), I remember spending hours in discussions and arguments while trying to come up with a name for a promotion or website and thinking "It'd be great to just be able to use my idea because obviously it's the best one."

Flash forward to present day where I'm sitting in my basement office, freezing because I forgot to put on 6 pairs of socks before coming to work, and I just need to register a domain for this podcast community idea so I can start setting it up.

And I don't have to run it by any coworkers or bosses!

Aside: If we don't all agree that Parks & Recreation is one of the greatest tv series ever made, I don't know if there's any point in continuing.

I Need Your Help permalink

Quick version: go here and vote on a name that you like. (Note: Voting is now closed.)

Slightly longer version: Actually that's all there is to it. I just need your help deciding which of those names jump out at you. The one with the most votes won't necessarily win - but it'll help me in my indecision this week.

What Is This Again? permalink

I'm going to keep the rest of the email more or less the same each time so that everyone can see and be reminded of what I'm hoping this podcasting community can become:

  • A virtual coffee shop to talk with other podcasters at various stages of their hobby/career in podcasting.
  • A safe place to throw out ideas, rough drafts, weird experiments, or be vulnerable about frustrations and hurts along the road and receive encouragement, feedback, and possibly partners to try things with.
  • Where you'll get the push and motivation to not only start a podcast, but also to keep it going when you feel like nobody else is paying attention.
  • It won't be free to join. There needs to be some cost to signing up to prevent leeches from abusing the community.

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