I'm Building a Community for Podcasters!

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Podcasting can be a lonely venture. Why not do it in community with fellow podcasters who have struggled with some of the same things you are?

We can encourage, give feedback, keep each other accountable, and spur each other on to record more episodes of that show we're thinking of giving up on.

I know you can go watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts about podcasting, and tweet all day long. Here's why I think this is worth trying and why you should think about joining:

  • I want to help people get over the hump of thinking about podcasting to actually doing a podcast.
  • I don't want you to have it do it all in isolation. I've tried that. It's lonely and exhausting. Let's work together.
  • As simple as podcasting can be, it continues to change and evolve. Helping each other figure out what works, what doesn't... don't waste your time if someone else has already tried it! Weekly challenges, monthly hangouts, and the occasional kick-in-the-pants "where are you?" to keep you moving forward.
  • It will be a closed community. Registration and payment required. No fly-by know-it-alls who are only around to try and market at you. We might even cap membership so keep things tight and small.

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I'm Chris Enns. I've been podcasting in various ways for many years and am passionate about helping others use technology for fun (and maybe a little profit).

I run a podcast network called Goodstuff.fm, a podcast production business called Lemon Productions, and all 3 of my kids are named "Podcast".

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