I'm already breaking my own rules...

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The other day I was re-reading the landing page I created for this podcast community idea and saw the second item I listed in the reasons why you should think about joining:

I don't want you to have it do it all in isolation. I've tried that. It's lonely and exhausting. Let's work together.

...and here I was getting mentally defeated about the whole thing before I'd even started. Sitting - by myself - at my computer.

How silly.

As I write this, there's 13 of us on this little mailing list. I recognize most of the names. Thank you for being willing to come on this journey with me.

I'm going to ask you a few questions that might help you decide if it's worth continuing on this experiment.

What It Is: permalink

I've outlined what I hope this podcasting community to be as:

  • A virtual coffee shop to talk with other podcasters at various stages of their hobby/career in podcasting.
  • A safe place to throw out ideas, rough drafts, weird experiments, or be vulnerable about frustrations and hurts along the road and receive encouragement, feedback, and possibly partners to try things with.
  • Where you'll get the push and motivation to not only start a podcast, but also to keep it going when you feel like nobody else is paying attention.
  • It won't be free to join. There needs to be some cost to signing up to prevent leeches from abusing the community.

In the next post, I'll talk about the next steps we'll take (with whoever is left? 😬) in building this community including costs, naming the things, and more.

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Thanks again for reading and following along! Chris Enns